ISRC EID Announcement

The Northern California Shariah Council has confirmed that the new moon of Shawaal has not been sighted. Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 12 will be the last day of fasting and Thursday May 13 will be the day of Eid, In Sha Allah.

ISRC will offer Eid-UL-FITR Salaat on Thursday May 13 at Mather Sports Complex (3755 Schriever Ave, Mather, CA 95655at 8:00 AM Sharp. Takbeeraat will start at 7:30 am In Sha Allah.

ISRC Board encourages you to register by sending text at 916-382-2125 with first and last names of all of your family members coming for Eid Salaat before arriving at the Park. Sisters and Children are welcome.

Please bring your own prayer mat and wear a Mask all the time while at the park for Eid celebration.

As a condition of using the Park, the City requires strict adherence to all social distancing protocols (no hugs, no hand-shakes at the park). Please make Wudu at Home.

We hope to see you on Thursday In-sha-Allah

Ramadan Mubarak

NorCal Shariah Council has confirmed that the new moon has been sighted. Ramadhan Mubarak.

Tonight, Monday 4/12/2021 is the first taravih and tomorrow Tuesday, 4/13/2021 will be the first day of fasting In Sha Allah.

Isha Salaat will be at 9:15 PM.

Taravih attendance at ISRC Musallah will be by pre- registration only. Please bring your Taravih ID card.

Click to view and download ISRC 2021 Ramadan Calendar