Virtual Quran Tafseer

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Assalamu Alaikum.

In Sha Allah ISRC will host weekly Virtual Quran Tafseer on Zoom with Maulana Samir on Wednesdays at 6:45 PM, starting on this Wednesday, August 26. 

Please click on the following link to join the Tafseer Program on Wednesdays.
ZOOM meeting ID – 5464292864
May Allah (SWT) bless us to get benefited from the Tafseer sessions.
Jazak Allah Khair  

ISRC Board 

JUMA Prayers at Musallah and Other Services

According to recent status of Sacramento County on California’s “blueprint for safer economy” and the updated state guidance on indoor operations, ISRC board informs you that ISRC has resumed its indoor operations at 25% capacity up to 100 people effective October 2, 2020. This include offering daily Fajr, Magrib and Isha Salahs at the Masjid following state and local public health guidelines (6 ft physical distancing, wearing masks etc.)

Keeping in mind the required social distancing of 6ft between people, the ISRC Musallah can hold up to 45 people in the main salaah hall on the men’s side and 10 people in the women’s salaah hall.

Effective October 9th, 2020, ISRC Musallah will be open for two (2) Juma salaah for up to 45 men and 10 women per session.

First Session: 1:25 PM  
Second Session: 1:40 PM

Please allow extra time for registration (see details below)

The children’s nazira program, adult education classes that used to be conducted in the Musallah remain suspended at this time. Children’s nazira program will continue to be hosted online via Zoom.

We request the cooperation of each community member to adhere to the requirements and safety measures listed here and to follow all safety signs posted within the Musallah. This will help us ensure that we keep everyone safe and allow us to more quickly open the Musallah for other religious services.

ISRC will require each person who is visiting the Musallah for Juma to text their first name and last name to 916-382-2125. This data will be used to facilitate contact tracing, only if it is needed. You must register each week for Juma. To allow for faster registration, please send your text before you get to the registration desk.

Please see below for important information as it relates to visiting the Musallah for your Juma salaah.

Do always bring your own face mask and wear the face mask while in the MusallahDo not make any physical contact with another person (no handshakes, hugs, fist bumps, chest bumps, high fives or any other physical contact)
Do maintain 6ft social distancing between you and the next person, including the volunteers at the registration deskDo not socialize in the Musallah or on the Musallah premises; after you have offered your Fardh salaah, please disperse from the Musallah, adhering to the social distancing and other safety precautions
Do bring your own prayer mat and pray only on your prayer matDo not come to the masjid if you have a fever, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, etc. For your safety and the safety of others, please stay home
Do bring a plastic bag for your shoes and put your shoes in the plastic bag and place it in the shoe rack. Do not leave your shoes on the floor in front of the shoe rack.Do not come to the masjid if you have any underlying medical conditions (as noted by the CDC) that makes you more susceptible to the virus. For your safety and the safety of others, please stay home
Do make your wudu before you get to the MusallahDo not bring children under 13 years old to the Musallah
Sisters are encouraged to offer their Juma salaah at home (however, the women’s prayer hall will be open and available for sisters)If you are over 65 years of age, please stay home for your safety

In sha Allah we will see you on Fridays for Juma at the Musallah.

Jazak Allah Khair

ISRC Board

October 2020 Monthly Family Night on Zoom

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Assalamu Alaikum.

In Sha Allah ISRC will host Monthly Family Night for the month of October on Zoom.

When : Saturday, October 10, 2020.
What time : After Asr Salah ( 6:00 PM)
Where : On Zoom 

If you are interested to join the family night in person at the Musallah please RSVP at  by Friday evening (10/9). Please provide the names and e-mail addresses of all including you who are coming to the Musallah for a family night in the RSVP comment box.

Please click on the following link to join the Family Night Talk. 


ZOOM meeting ID – 5464292864

Topic :  “Prophecies and Signs Of the Day of Reckoning”

Speaker : Maulana Samir Rahman

(A well known and respected Imam and Khateeb of Islamic Society of Rancho Cordova, CA.)

May Allah (SWT) bless us to get benefited from the Family Night Talk.

Jazak Allah Khair  

ISRC offers EID ADHA PRAYER SERVICE at Stone Creek Community Park

EID Mubarak in Advance.

Islamic Society of Rancho Cordova (ISRC) has closed all its indoor operations since July 13 in compliance with State order.

In Sha Allah ISRC will offer EID Adha Prayer Services at the Stone Creek Community Park.

Where : Stone Creek Community Park – 3625 Spoto Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

When : Friday, July 31

Takweraat will start at 7:00 AM   

First Jamaat : 7:30 AM Sharp 

Second Jamaat : 8:00 AM Sharp

ISRC needs accurate head count in advance for better planning the event following the health directives and guidance.

Please RSVP with your first and last names and phone number by Thursday July 30, 2020. Please indicate in your RSVP if you will come for First Jamaat or Second Jammaat.  

Please note that ISRC is unable to provide barriers/Coverage for women at the park. We encourage sisters to pray at home. Children under the age of 12 is not allowed for Eid Prayer Services at the Park . Please do not bring any food item or drinks for the Eid  prayer services at the park.

In oder to comply with government guidence ISRC request you to plan on doing the following when you are at the park for Eid Prayer.

  1. Please Wear a Mask all the time when you are at the park for Eid prayer on Friday, July 31, 2020
  2. Please Line up for registration and maintain 6 ft physical distancing all the time
  3. Please Register by sending a text with your first and last names to 916-382-2125  on Eid day between 7:00 am and 8:00 am.
  4. Please bring your own prayer mat
  5. Plase Perform wudu at home
  6. Please do not bring children under the age of 12
  7. Please stay home if you are sick
  8. Please bring your own chair if you need one to pray

We hope to See you at Eid Prayer Services on Friday, July 31. 

Jazak Allah Khair

ISRC Board