ISRC July 2021 Family Night

Assalamu Alaikum

In Sha Allah ISRC will host Monthly Family Night  for the Month of July 2021.

When : Friday, July 9, 2021.
What time : 7:00 PM
Where :  In-Person at the Masjid and  Live Broadcast on Zoom 

Please use the following zoom ID and Passcode to join the Family Night talk on ZOOM. 

ZOOM meeting ID : 

Topic : “Qualities of Attaining Salvation”

Speaker : Mufti Amir Nazir

(A well known and respected Imam and Khateeb of MCF Folsom Masjid , Folsom CA)

In-sha-Allah dinner will be provided after the program to the families who are in the Masjid

Please RSVP by texting to 916-529-3626 before 07/09/21 (only families coming to the masjid)

May Allah (SWT) bless us to get benefited from the Family Night Talk.

Jazak Allah Khair  

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