June 30, 2022
Isha Iqamah

10:15 pm

54:00 Minutes
Begins4:12 am5:45 am1:09 pm6:18 pm8:33 pm10:06 pm
Iqamah5:00 am1:30 pm6:30 pm8:36 pm10:15 pm
Jumuah 1:15 pm and
1:40 pm

Al-Misbaah Sponsor a Pallet Campaign

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Assalamu Alaikum
ISRC Board is pleased to share the following message from Al-Mishbah  for a great cause:

“Al-Misbaah is pleased to announce an amazing campaign that will stretch your dollar 💵. 

We have the current Afghan refugee crisis and one of the most important things is to furnish their homes. 

Instead of buying brand new items at retail price, you can sponsor a pallet of return products that are in excellent condition for pennies on the dollar. They’re from Amazon, Walmart and other major corporations. 

Learn more by watching this short video (click here) , sharing it and sponsoring one today. 

These products are currently being used to furnish homes of families between Fresno and Roseville. 

Donate today at

Jazak Allah Kahir 
ISRC Board

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